trenbolone acetate side effects

After oral administration metformin is absorbed slowly from the gastrointestinal tract. The bioavailability after ingestion of standard doses of 50-60%. The maximum plasma concentration is reached 2.5 hours after oral administration. Almost does not bind to plasma proteins. It accumulates in the salivary glands, muscles, liver and kidneys. Provided trenbolone acetate side effects unchanged by the kidneys. The half-life of 1.5-4.5 h. When renal function is possible accumulation trenbolone side effects of the drug.

Indications Diabetes mellitus type 2, with poor diet (especially in patients who are obese).


  • diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic precoma, coma;
  • pronounced renal dysfunction;
  • cardiac and respiratory failure, acute phase of myocardial infarction, acute cerebrovascular accident, dehydration, chronic alcoholism, and other conditions that may contribute to the development of lactic acidosis;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • major surgery or injury, when trenbolone acetate side effects shown of insulin;
  • severe infectious diseases;
  • abnormal liver function;
  • acute alcohol poisoning;
  • lactic acidosis (including history);
  • use for at least 2 days prior to and within 2 days after the radioisotope or radiological examinations introduction iodinated contrast material;
  • compliance with a hypocaloric diet (less than 1000 calories / day).Do not use the drug in patients older than 60 years, performing heavy physical work, due to an increased risk of lactic acidosis have.Dosage and administration The dose is established by the doctor individually, depending on the level of glucose in the blood. Take with liquid during or after meals, drinking plenty of water. The initial dose of 0.5 g of 1-2 times per day or 0.85 g 1 times a day, gradually (one week) the dose was increased to 2-3 g per day. The maximum daily dose – 3 Years In elderly patients the daily dose trenbolone results should not exceed 1 g Due to the increased risk of lactic acidosis, with severe metabolic disturbances the dose should be reduced.

    Side effect On the part of the digestive organ system: nausea, vomiting, “metallic” taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain. On the part of metabolism: rarely lactic acidosis (requires discontinuation of treatment); long-term treatment – B12 vitamin deficiencies (malabsorption). From the side of hematopoiesis: in some cases – megaloblastic anemia. From the Endocrine:hypoglycemia (when used in inadequate doses). Allergic reactions: skin rash.

    Overdose If overdose of metformin may develop lactic trenbolone acetate side effects acidosis fatal. The reason for the development of lactic acidosis may also be the accumulation of the drug due to renal dysfunction. Early symptoms of lactic acidosis are weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drop in body temperature, abdominal pain, muscle pain, lower blood pressure, reflex bradyarrhythmia in the future there may be a shortness of breath, dizziness, impaired consciousness and coma development. Treatment: In the event of signs of lactic acidosis, metformin therapy does bradley martyn use steroids should be discontinued immediately, the patient hospitalized immediately and determine the concentration of lactate, to confirm the diagnosis. The most effective measure for the excretion of lactate and metformin is hemodialysis. Spend as symptomatic treatment.